Laser Eye Surgery

I have been meaning to post an update on my vision after laser eye surgery, but haven’t got round to it until now.   I want to spread the word because having my eye Laser Eye Surgery was one of the best things I have ever done.  I hated wearing glasses and really struggled with contact lenses.  I struggled with contact lenses to the extent that sometimes after trying to get them in for 15 minutes I would give up and I often only went out with only one in as couldn’t get the other one in.  I was also not infrequently forgetting to take my contact lenses out which obviously is a big infection risk.  I had my laser Eye surgery in 2005 with Accuvision in their Solihull clinic.  I put a lot of effort into researching it looking for reviews and studying audits of the results of various clinics.  At the time I felt that Accuvision wavefront combined excellent results with reasonable prices and so decided to go with them, but it felt like it was a leap into the unknown as despite all my research there wasn’t much information.  Thankfully it all went really well and my vision is still excellent.  Of note I get no halos at night time and no dry eyes.

I have just discovered a site called Treatment Saver – if only they had been around at the time when I was researching my decision on laser eye surgery.  They have laser eye surgery reviews, information on risks and a laser eye surgery forum.  Defintely worth checking out if you are thinking of going for it.  I would certainly recommend it, although it is always worth researching thoroughly when you are talking about your vision.

Let us know how you have got on with your laser eye surgery and whether I was the lucky one, or whether nearly everyone gets on well.

Laser Eye Surgery
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2 Responses to Laser Eye Surgery

  1. Robert M says:

    I believe that Accuvision have continued to excel since your treatment
    in 2005. They now have the very latest Alcon Wavelight Allegretto
    refractive suite, and have just been featured on BBC Worldwide with
    their latest breakthrough in refractive laser eye surgery. Still a great
    choice for laser eye surgery it seems!

    • pete says:

      Thanks for your post Robert. No I wasn’t aware they now had the latest Alcon Wavelight Allegretto refractive suite. Have you had laser eye surgery or are you in the business or laser eye surgery?


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